Aukey Dashboard Camera – A Complete Review

Our Verdict

For the Great Majority of drivers, the AUKEY DR02 Are our very first dash cam recommendation. It gives essentially everything one could desire with a fairly small overall form element, and also a wide field of view HD video, a large screen and intuitive interface, from a camera. Truly the only strike against this particular camera is that it does not possess a built-in Wi-Fi system, so you can’t wirelessly send clips stright for your phone. But having to plug in a microSD card into a computer if you want to export a clip appears to be a small sacrifice for getting the aukey dash cam manual incredibly sharp video at a really reasonable price. The only other example in which the DR02 wouldn’t be our top reccomendation is for taxi and rideshare drivers who would want the advantage of a cab-facing camera, a characteristic we believe is implemented finest from the Vantrue N2 Guru Uber Double .

Our Analysis and Evaluation Results

Aukey Dashboard Camera - A Complete Review

For The car, we believe the AUKEY DR02 is the ideal dash cam around. If you’re a rideshare driver that needs footage of the interior of the vehicle as well, it might be well worth spending a little more for the Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual.

Performance Replies

Although the aukey dash cam manual didn’t quite reach the top Of our general scoreboard it was close, and ticks pretty much all of what people want in a dashboard camera, of the boxes.

The DR02’s movie is clear and crisp enough for Sharing and reading license plates, making it among the highest scores in our quality tests.

The DR02’s camera sports a very wide, 170˚ field Facing the car, which easily covers everything of interest of view. Some cameras that choose for an extremely wide angle lens present a lot of distortion and a narrow depth of field to the image, but the DR02 manages to keep things looking quite clear with hardly any distortion, even around the edges of the picture. Sure, narrower fields of view, like the 106˚ field of the Garmin 55, do tend to make distant objects seem somewhat clearer, but in the case of this DR02 we would gladly trade that distance clarity to get a film that covers more area.

Daytime Video Quality

Especially during the day, creating you might want of your everyday happenings. Generally the colours look great, though we did notice a somewhat unnatural hue on days when driving towards sunlight. We also had issues with identifying the only problems appearing back on bright days once the camera was pointed towards sunlight, license plate numbers. This is a frequent issue, however, and the only cameras we’ve found that can better handle overly birght conditions is your Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual.

At nighttime the DR02’s video looks fantastic, with great Resolution and crisp detail. It also tends to take advantage of any light around, so we had a very simple time reading license plates on all but the cars. In fact, in this regard it simplifies the Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual, which will blur license plates somewhat when in close proximity to a bright street lighting.