Just how Much Can Website Hosting Price?

Take a look at HostGator hosting plan. If you start with the least expensive plan, it is possible to only use that program for a single domain (internet address). The two higher tiered plans allow unlimited domains. The tier also has added benefits, like a dedicated IP address and free search engine marketing tools.

Hostgator shared hosting prices

The costlier the shared hosting plan that you take out with HostGator, the more features you receive.

Want to know which hosting supplier is the most acceptable for you? Take our 4 Question Quiz to find out which provider best fits your personal needs.

If you’d like to find out more about which providers we recommend for every type of hosting, have a look at the guides below.

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cheap email hosting

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Now let us take a better look at the costs of different types of hosting. A good deal is first promotional pricing, in which you pay a price for a specific amount of months or years of service. Once your period is over, your monthly price may go up.

cheap email hosting

$2.75 — $15 per month

Shared hosting is where many people start their web hosting journey.

Of the top five shared hosting suppliers, DreamHost offers the cheapest shared hosting plan at just $2.59/month. HostGator comes in a close second with $2.75, while Bluehost and InMotion’s high tier shared hosting plans are equally in the pricer end, costing $13.95/month and $14.71/month respectively.

Host Entry Plan Mid-Tier Plan Highest Plan

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting will be another step up from shared hosting if traffic starts to rise on a web site.

Of our best five VPS hosting suppliers, Bluehost and iPage are equally offer the least expensive VPS hosting plans at $19.99/month each for entry programs, whilst iPage also supplies the priciest top-tier VPS plan, at $79.99/month. On average Bluehost is cheapest across the 3 plans.

A2 Hosting $32.99 $46.19 $65.99

HostGator $29.95 $39.95 $49.95

Dedicated Hosting

$80 — $730 a month

If you’ve decided to pay for your own server, traffic has to be getting quite severe, and your needs are outgrowing the reduced tiered hosting plans.

Dedicated hosting is the very variably priced kind. Of our top five dedicated hosting providers, the least expensive plan comes from Bluehost at $79.99/month. Mid-tier plans are priced between $99.99/month and $349/month. The plan is Siteground’s $729/month high tier plan.

HostGator $118.99 $138.99 $149.00

Bluehost $79.99 $99.99 $119.99

InMotion $105.69 $166.59 $238.99

A2 Hosting $141.09 $207.49 $290.49

Cloud Hosting

$4.50 — $240 a month

Cloud hosting is what you turn to if downtime can prove fatal to your company. This form of hosting ensures there a host available, ready to supply the world with your website.

Cloud hosting is relatively inexpensive. Of our top five providers, the most inexpensive plan comes from DreamHost at only $4.50/month. There may be a significant variation in everything you get with a cloud hosting plan, which can be reflected in the price; HostGator’s priciest cloud hosting program costs just $9.95/month, while SiteGround’s is $240/month.

Host Entry Plan Mid-Tier Plan Highest Plan

WordPress Hosting

$4.99 — $290 per month

These plans are for people who need specialized and dedicated services made just for WordPress sites and blogs.

Again, there may be a real difference in what you receive from a WordPress hosting program to another, and this can be reflected in the price. Of our best five WordPress hosting suppliers, SiteGround actually gives the most affordable program at $3.95/month. WPEngine’s best tier plan is the priciest at $290/month.

Host Entry Plan Mid-Tier Plan Highest Plan

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Extra Web Hosting Costs to Consider

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An hosting package is one thing, but there are often several”hidden” charges which you may not really consider until you’re up and running. Past the package, you have to get a domain name, for example. Your domain registration is included in your hosting package you flip to a domain name registrar.

Here’s a breakdown of a few of the added costs you need to consider.