Repairing windshield with your own do it yourself kit

Cracks developing on your windshield? An initial reaction would be to move to the nearest windshield stores. But trust me this does not work in that manner always. But one thing would be for sure as you have to fix them before you are planning to drive. Once the cracks go on to become bigger this might obstruct your view when you happen to be driving. The kit that you might have gone on to purchase might be a saving grace at this juncture. Even in terms of cost, this works out to your benefit as you may not have to churn in a lot of money in terms of repair. So before you move over to a professional seriously think on the lines of a DIY option

As part of your DIY repair project, there are several pointers you have to give a long and serious thought

Inspection of the cracks

The ball gets rolling with the inspection of the cracks. You have to check out the extent of the damage before you are planning to repair. You can avail the services of a professional or even go on to inspect it yourself. If the cracks are minor you can go on to repair it with ease. Small cracks in the form of cobwebs are prone to repair easily. But just get in touch with your professional to figure out whether the damage can be subject to dealing.

Choice of a proper windshield kit

Once you have an idea that the crack on the windshield can be subject to repair, you will require a proper repair kit. You can purchase this online or you can even pick it from the local stores. Most times they are available with an injector, or applicator along with a suction. Even a tube of liquid resin is part of the kit

Undertake the task of repair

Then you have to flip through the instruction manual properly. You might have gone on to purchase the kit, but you have to be aware of what each kit can do for you. Then comes the task of fixing the cracks on your windshield. Firstly you have to remove the dirt with the help of an auto glass cleaner. This you can have to undertake even on the surrounding area and with a cloth or towel dry the crack. Remaining debris on the crack you can remove it with the help of a safety pin. You can go on to place the suction cup on the windshield and even the adhesive that is part and parcel of the kit. Then you have to mount the injector on to the suction cup. After this, you have to inject the resin that would go on to remove the air between the suction cup and even the windshield.

As per the instruction manual let the resin stay there for a specific point of time. Once the resin has gone to repair remove the resin.