Services provided by a bankruptcy attorney

Bankruptcy is a very sensitive matter that even leaves the person filling the petition both emotionally devastated and causes a feeling of shame and embarrassment. Bankruptcy is a very serious issue but what adds to the problems is the fact that it causes many other issues. In such a sensitive situation, no one can really understand what the person is going through. He needs professional legal advice as well as help to deal with the complicated and complex procedure of filing for a bankruptcy petition. Therefore, one needs to hire a compatible and experienced San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer to prepare and defend his case in court.

According to a recent research conducted by the University of Harvard, bankruptcy may also lead to issues in the family for instance inheritance and divorce issues. If the person filing for bankruptcy has children, the issue of custody of the kids may also drag the petitioner to court. The creditors themselves cause a lot pressure as they keep on contacting the person in debt to try and get their money. This article provides a list of services that a bankruptcy attorney should provide to his client:

Understanding options:

The hired San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer should go through your financial condition. He should have a look at your assets and sum up all the amount that you owe. The next step should be the prioritization of the debts. The debts should be arranged in the ordered of their preference of payment. The most urgent debts that need to pay urgently or have the highest interest rate should be listed first and the subsequent debts and loans should be listed accordingly.

Type of Bankruptcy to be declared:

After analyzing the finances and assets of the client, the San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer should have a meeting with the client to discuss his available options. There are two main types of the bankruptcy petitions that can be filed in the court. The attorney should brief you about both the types and should discuss which type of bankruptcy should be declared by you and how will that favor you.

Briefing About Legal Rights:

The attorney should also have a meeting with the client to discuss his legal bankruptcy rights. Bankruptcy is a topic not many people have relevant information about. It is very important for a person filing for a bankruptcy petition to be aware of his rights. This helps him understand his condition better and deal with the whole situation in a better way. Knowing the legal rights also enables him to deal with the creditors in a better way.


Representing in court:

Once a bankruptcy attorney has been hired it is his duty top represent his client in the court during the trial and present the case. The client should not be concerned and all this work should be done by the attorney on his behalf. Even the collection of the required legal documents and the processing of the petition needs to be handled by the petitioner’s lawyer.